Friday, August 15, 2008

The Black + White Cookie


swedeen said...

so here's the deal on the black & white... they are quintessential NY cookies. And they are much better when they come in a genuine pink NY kraft bakery box, tied with real string. But... and I know this is sacrilege.. but black & whites are really not that great... Growing up in the Bronx... walking every Sunday morning to the commission bakery, for rolls (real ones), bagels and bialys, I would treat myself to a strawberry tart, a napolean or some chocolate dipped graham crackers (even the ones with the rasberry jam in them) but never the black & whites. As a devout Bronxite, it;'s time someone came clean about these overrated cookies. NOw if you really want to talk about NY sweet treats, a Baba au rhum or a canoli from Ferrara's or any other real Italian bakery can't be beat. And with a Sambuca (3 coffee beans mandtory), you're in heaven.

Jonathan S. said...

What would be cool is if the vanilla side was dipped in milk chocolate and the chocolate side was dipped in white chocolate. Then, maybe, they'd be pretty good.

I can't see a black & white cookie and not think of "Seinfeld."